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Dangerous Little Lies

Cast: Amber Heard, Rachel Bilson, Alex Pettyfer, and Adam Brody.

SynopsisWhen a group of four childhood friends go on vacation in a foreign place, they think everything is going to be full of sun, fun, and adventure. Holly (Heard), Simon (Pettyfer), Amanda (Bilson), and Steve (Brody) have all be friends for as long as they can remember. Now, as their high school graduation has ended, the four decide to take a plane to the deep south African Jungles. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems for the four, and Holly and Simon could end up in some very deadly trouble. Steve and Amanda made a pact, a long time ago. A satanic cult with a promise that Amanda and Steve must carry out by the time everyone has graduation. Steve and Amanda’s reward for this sacrifice? Eternal Life at the hand of their friends’ deaths.